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Plinky Prompt: Are you more of an Extrovert or and Introvert?

Well, this was a timely Plinky Prompt. I am going to fire off a quick answer before going to bed in lieu of the post I planned to place. I just spent 3 hours writing something that got lost in the internet ether. sigh. Maybe I dodged a bullet, it was a pretty steep subject. As to the question at hand:

I say it all the time. I am the most extroverted introvert in the world. I love people, but too much external stimuli “shorts” out my brain. It leaves me unable to form sentences, remember things and keep a positive attitude. When I feel like my brain is a jumbled mess of voices (crazy, much?) the ONLY way I have found to regroup is to unplug the phone and retreat.

After some time, usually no more than a couple of days, I can jump right back into the fray.

I have been thinking a lot on this subject and have tried many times to go through an Outlook Development “Choice Process” on the subject. I dutifully write “Forgetting things and Needing Phone Vacations” on the line next to the prompt, “What outcome do you want to change?” But every time the process takes me to a completely different topic.

Yesterday it clicked for me as to why I haven’t been able to discern a root cause of the problem. The fact is, is I’ve known the answer for many years and am already taking the steps I need to to to mitigate overload. I am making real changes. I am getting rid of all the “mind noise” I can by reducing my possessions by 50-75%, eating an all raw-food diet, shunning smoking, fixing my finances and feeding my passions daily (music, art and writing).

By drastically reducing the amount of junk my mind dwells on all day, every day (like being at a lousy physical fitness level, having crappy eating habits, wasting tons of time TV sucking and messy house having cuz I just have WAY TOO MUCH SHIT, etc., etc., etc.) I feel confident I’ll have a lot bigger capacity for remembering details and handling external stimuli. The tricky part of this is that this is massive project and as with most profound improvements, things tend to get worse before they get better. I believe I am almost to the top of the biggest hill.

I am excited to crest the mountain and sail my way through the easier stuff and on past March 21st. Naive? Perhaps.

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If I Won Free Plane Tickets…

I would take my daughter, Hannah, to Greece. I have been lucky enough to have traveled a little and I’ve spent some time in Turkey. I fell in LOVE with the Mediterranean. I’m a sucker for ancient ruins, open air cafes, sailboats and clear waters. She has a desire to “see everything.” It’s a good place to start.

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