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I want to live on a boat…


Could Aunt Anna's Piano fit and survive on a boat?

I have always wanted to live on a boat.

As I move further into simplification mode, the more my desire to live on a boat, or in an RV grows. Really, apart from money, my biggest obstacle to mobile living quarters is the lack of enough room for my Great Aunt Anna’s piano.

My simplicity has its boundaries. I love my piano. It’s the piano I learned to play on. The action on the keys is very light — too light, actually — but I LOVE it. It’s small and cute and a dark yellow color.

I have a short list of must-haves. They include my piano; my guitar; an ipad and iphone; a super-soft feather pillow; my Aunt Zelma’s quilts; my Dad’s original company jacket; my Mother’s poetry; and my daughter’s photography.

I suppose my interest in aquatic accommodations has been growing in parallel to the likelihood of pulling it off. I wonder if Hannah will be opposed to trading in a two-bedroom apartment for a two-bunk bed boat?

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A Lesson I Wish I Had Learned Earlier


I wish I had learned so many things earlier in life. I could’ve been saved a lot of trouble if I had known a few practical things like that you need to check and change your oil. I wish I would’ve listened more and talked less. I wish I would’ve learned that living with people ruins friendships. I wish I would’ve learned to stay calm and not act so impulsively. I wish I would’ve realized sooner that my body is just an innocent bystander and does not deserve to be poisoned and/or beat up. I wish I would’ve known when I was a teenager that I was a somewhat talented pianist.

But I don’t have many regrets. I have a handful of big ones that have to do with me hurting other people and letting Hannah watch so much TV as a little girl, but on the whole my impulsiveness and big mouth have gotten me into and out of many great adventures.

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