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My Favorite Type of Street Food

My first reaction to this question was, “I don’t like any food that’s been in the street.” But then I realized what the real question was. sigh.

I’ve never been much of a consumer of food vended by street merchants. For many years, Salt Lake didn’t have any. Where I lived in Texas didn’t have any, either. And then I started traveling overseas.

One rule I stick to (whether it’s true at the time or not) is that I always let everyone know I am a vegetarian. That way the chances of eating any “funky” meat goes out the window. I have a wicked black mold allergy which also makes me extra cautious about raw food on the road. So, with those two things in mind, street vendors aren’t really an option in places like Indonesia or Costa Rica.

Because of this, when the street vendors came to Salt Lake I honestly never considered patronizing one. It wasn’t because I consciously thought they were unclean or whatever, it was just that I never thought about them at all. And they’ve been here for years.

All that changed a couple months ago when my friend John (who lives in NYC) took me to his favorite street vendor in Salt Lake. It was the most delicious Mexican food I’d ever had. I ate a burrito that was literally the size of my head. And it was cheap!

Leave it to me to need a New Yorker (originally from Idaho) to show me something about Salt Lake that I’d been missing. The taco cart I’m talking about is on State St. and about 8th South. In the Sears parking lot facing East.

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