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My “Sadhana”

As part of my quest to emancipate myself from excess, I decided I wanted to incorporate yoga back into my life. I determined I wanted to commit to some type of daily practice as well as attending classes, etc. I was fortunate enough to realize on New Years Eve that attending a yoga class on New Years Day would be the perfect way to “seal” that intention.

I went online figuring there would be dozens of New Years Day yoga extravaganzas. (This town’s lousy with yogis!) But, to my surprise, I only found one. That was all good, of course, because the studio is just a few blocks from my house and the instructor is/was an acquaintance with a big reputation for giving good yoga.

So I went. It was indeed awesome. And it was lucky! He told us he was, “Doing a defined daily vinyasa practice for 40 days,” and invited those of us who wanted to, to join in. I signed up and he emailed me the vinyasa. I should’ve know it would be complicated for a novice like myself!

I finally took to the net and looked up each position. Then I printed out a picture of each one, (crazy, much?) and made a ridiculous chart so I could follow along without interpreting too much along the way. He says he can do the whole deal in 15 minutes.

Actually, he didn’t tell the class he was, “Doing a defined daily vinyasa practice for 40 days.” What he actually said was that he was beginning a 40-day “Sadhana.” And really, that’s what this whole “Shucking the superfluous shit” saga is for me — it’s a Sadhana.

A “Sadhana” is defined as “…the process of consciously participating in spiritual growth, or the exercises or methods we practice for personal development and Self-mastery, leading toward what is thought of as ‘enlightenment’ or ‘Self-realization.” <<– That there is jest fancy talk for Excess Emancipation.

I started in late December, 2011 and will finish my “Sadhana” on the Ides of March. To sum up: I am uncovering my authentic self, crawling out from under excess stuff, excess weight, excess TV, excess bullshit, excess stress and excess baggage. My approach is 3-pronged. The categories are: Me & My Life. My Health. My Home.

Under the category “Me & My Life” are qualitative, ongoing “to dos” like: letting go of negative beliefs; discovering and claiming what I want to do with my life (again); filling my days with reading, studying, practicing the piano and guitar, re-purposing furniture, writing and other worthy pursuits; shedding the TV habit; connecting with nature and so on…

Under the “My Health” category are quantitative mini-goals like: quit smoking (done!); do a 10-day green smoothie detox (done!); commit to a 90% raw food diet (done!); Begin a daily yoga practice (starting in the morning!); build a habit of running at least 6 miles a week (work on this starts soon!); Get outdoors and play, etc…

In the “My Home” category are fun plans like: getting rid of 50-75% of my stuff; fixing my financial quagmire; implementing simple cleaning habits; finding ways to make money from home and still go to school… you get the idea.

I have reviewed my lists and am implementing new habits every week. Which brings us to today. This week, along with sticking to eating mostly raw foods; sorting my shit for the big yard sale; reading something uplifting just before going to sleep every night; doing a “choice process” once a week to shed negative beliefs; blogging every day; and just generally being awesome, I am adding the aforementioned “defined daily vinyasa practice for 40 days” to my 90-day “Sadhana.”

I’m feeling some fear of failure around this milestone, but I know I can do it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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It’s Kindof a Funny Story…

I wasn't always bogged down by excess...

It’s 10:11 p.m. in Salt Lake City, UT on the first day of 2012. My name is Rebecca. I am 38. I had forgotten some things about myself. I recently remembered some of them. Unfortunately, the physical takes awhile to catch up with the mental. (Wait, what?)

My apartment is stuffed with stuff. I have a storage unit crammed with crap. I watch TV obsessively. I am carrying almost 30 extra pounds. I never exercise. I eat like shit. I am in a financial quagmire.

My choices and actions (or non-actions) have brought me to this place. But all that is about to change.

Two weeks ago I started a 101-day challenge that will last until the first day of spring. I have 101-days to shuck the shit, divorce the drama, free the fat and accomplish my goal of Excess Emancipation.

I’m currently on day 5 of at least 10 of an all fruit & greens smoothies detox. After that I will move to a 90% all raw food diet, which I will stick to until the first day of spring (March 21st). (although I did have 1 glass of champagne last night to ring in the new year!). I committed this morning to a 40-day Sadhana practice, which I will begin next Sunday. I will get control of my finances. I will replace TV with loftier pursuits. I have shunned smoking. And I will be divesting myself of 50%-75% of my possessions.

There are many more milestones involved in stripping away this material madness, but I’m not touching all that tonight. Why? Because I’m f***ing tired!

And why am I so tired?

It’s January 1. I was out until almost 3 a.m. being awesome. I got up and went to a 2 and a 1/2 hour New Years Day yoga class (the first real yoga class I’ve been to in almost 4 years). Then I swung by a local juice bar for a wheat grass shot before going to the park for a walk.

I was marveling at my awesomeness and the beautiful day and walked just long enough to get really far away from a bathroom. Despite my cheery disposition, my body “rejected” the wheat grass shot. I almost made it home in time… but then I did not. It wasn’t pretty. There were tears.

So. Can wheat grass give you food poisoning? Was it moldy? Did I receive a special new present of a wheat grass allergy? All I know is being locked in the loo for the afternoon = tired.

I digress. I will elucidate over the next weeks on the topics of: how I got here, what sparked the “sudden” urge to simplify, the team I have to help me succeed, what the “finish line” looks like, and the specific milestones and timelines I have created.

Pow! Pow! Here goes nothing. To Life!

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