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My Top 3 Hobbies

I had a boss tell me once that I needed to find a hobby. I was speechless. Apparently he had not been paying attention. I am a hobby hoarder. I embrace and ignore hobbies every five seconds. Case in point, this plinky site. It’s a hobby tonight, but I’m not sure it’ll stick.

I play the piano about as well as I did in the 5th grade. I was a country singer in Dallas for awhile. I’ve written some decent songs and play an okay rhythm guitar. I was a skydiver. I was a gymnast. Sometimes I’ll still dig out my flute and play a little jig. At times I’ve been devoted to journaling. I used to ride a dirt bike every day.

I’ve been in a roller derby league. I’ve gotten grants to build houses in countries like Indonesia and Southern Sudan. I tried to become a painter. I have literally taken up candlestick making. I spent two months this year refinishing old furniture. I love musicals. I was a small town Parks and Recs director. I took up Muay Thai boxing for about 8 months.

I have tried in earnest to be a better-than-humiliating golfer to no avail. I’ve climbed some pretty tall mountains. I’ve built dozens of websites. I can spend days playing Word With Friends. I love to read about time (what the hell is it?) and dark matter (what the f*&# is it?).

Honestly, I still furrow my brow in confusion over that piece of advice from an old boss and I certainly can’t pick my top three.

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