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My Best Nighttime Comfort Food Creation

I’m going to be in trouble with a couple friends who require exact measurements of ingredients in order to duplicate a raw food creation. I never remember to measure anything. This shake is seriously delicious and cures all cravings!

I had soaked about 2 cups of cashews overnight so I could use them today to make something yummy. I thought about making some cashew flour, and them some brownies, but i don’t have a dehydrator, and cashews take all day to really dry out own their own so I decided to invent a shake.

I filled my blender with about a cup of almond milk; a cup of coconut water; a cup (or cup and a half?) of the cashews; about 3 cups of strawberries; around two tablespoons of raw honey; two or three tablespoons of bee pollen; approximately 1/2 cup of raw cacao powder; and a few ice cubes.

I have a high-powered blender I bought about 3 years ago (the last time I was positive I was going “all raw”). Apparently it’s not a must-have to make these kinds of shakes, but I wonder if regular blenders produce the same whipped and thoroughly blended confection. Someone with more curiosity than me will have to test both types of blenders and let me know.

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