Las Vegas Has More Raw Food Options Than Salt Lake City

As most of you know, I am a hard-core Salt Laker. I am not personally “hard-core.” What I mean is, I LOVE SALT LAKE CITY! So it is with a fair amount of dismay that I have to admit that Vegas has more raw food options than Salt Lake.

My brother-in-law, Travis, and his wife, Lynette (family of mine I got from a first marriage, [thanks, Shaun!]) took me to their neighborhood Whole Foods in Henderson, NV yesterday. I was like a crazy person running from isle to isle. Maybe I was more like a pinball. I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, I am super jealous of their Whole Foods. The bulk sections had more than a dozen bins full of sprouted nuts and legumes as well as assorted raw trail mixes. I found raw almonds for almost HALF as much money as in SLC. They also had the coveted KELP NOODLES in stock. I can’t find those anywhere at home. And, of course, as any Salt Laker will tell you, it always seems like Disney World to round the corner out of the produce isle and find an entire section of a grocery store filled with wine. Although wine isn’t really a part of this 101 day project, the novelty of being able to buy it in a regular store never gets old. For those of you who care, I managed to restrain myself.

Go Raw Cafe in Las VegasTravis made good use of his smart phone and found a raw cafe for us to check out. We went to the Go Raw Cafe located at 2381 East Windmill Lane #18 in Las Vegas. When we first walked in I was nonplussed. It’s not what you would call “cozy.” It’s sort of a mix between a small bookstore, a select health food store, a salad bar and a restaurant.

We sat down at a table and started to peruse the menu. This was the point where I started warming up to the joint. The menu was extensive, to say the least. There weren’t any sprouted rice curry dishes offered, like the one Omar makes at Rawtopia, but I saw just about everything else there. Something interesting I had never seen before was their “tortillas.” They were really good. They tasted a little like flax crackers, but they were soft and pliable, like a tortilla. They were thinner than a tortilla, though, but not as thin as, say, rice paper.

We tried the “Veggie-Cotti,” the “Enchiladas,” and the traditional “Pizza.” I was stoked about the gigantic portions (leftovers!) and Travis and Lynette, both raw food newbies, loved their lunch. I was enamored with the side of “pasta primavera” that came with my dish, but I did feel like the chefs used anise with a little too much abandon.

A quick google search revealed there are many more restaurants that Vegans and Raw Foodies alike would enjoy in Vegas. Yet another reason to spend a winter weekend in the desert, eh?


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