Soul Searching: Are you shy or introverted?

I found this post to be very Insightful. I think I have always thought that shyness went hand-in-hand with introversion. This article helped me understand that I am not actually, “The most extroverted introvert.” I am simply an introvert who, as long as I have had enough alone time, loves people and has very little social anxiety.

I have often felt (and been) judged for this. Lots of folks can’t reconcile my public social demeanor with my very real need to spend copious amounts of time totally alone.

Maybe introversion and hilariousness is not a common pairing of traits. I think most people expect for us introverts to be shy and us “wise guys” to be extroverted.

What are you? Extroverted and Hilarious? Introverted and Shy? Or are you, Extroverted and Shy? Or. Introverted and hilarious?

into mind

“It is wisdom to know others; It is enlightenment to know one’s self.” 


In this post I want to talk about a psychological topic that is not very well understood by most people, namely the difference between shyness and introversion. Being an introvert myself, I know what it feels like when others misunderstand my behaviour as shy or aloof and I cringe when my introvert friends try to make themselves act more ‘extrovert’ in order to fit social norms. At the same time, people who are truly shy should know that, unlike introversion, shyness is not something they were born with and can definitely be ‘unlearned’.


– Shy people suffer from a lack of confidence in social situations and a fear of what other people think of them.
– A certain level of shyness is natural (pretty much everyone feels…

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