The Perfect Couch


I have been on a quest to find/own the perfect couch for most of my adult life. I’ve come pretty close a few times.

In the late 90s, my boyfriend and I found a pristine, white, satin Hollywood glam couch at an estate sale. It was so big and comfortable! When we broke up, i gave it away. Another couch I loved was a 60s pink sectional unearthed at the thrift store in 2001. It met its demise at the hands of a really big couch surfer we had for a few months.

Actually, I just remembered that I once owned the perfect couch. Hannah and I were driving through the tiny town we lived in in Texas when it caught my eye. Right there, in front of the funeral home, sat the perfect couch. It was a soft, blue and green brocade number from the ’30s. We took it home and loved it for a few years until a stray kitty stole our hearts and destroyed our furniture.

The perfect couch, to me, is a retro sectional, preferably round, in blue, pink or really any color other than tan or red.

I recently found out there is a name for my overall design aesthetic. “Eclectic Minimalism,” is apparently what the kids are calling it. And here I thought it was called, “My house looks like I raided a retirement home.”

Feeling validated that my style actually had a name, I typed “Eclectic Minimalism” into google this afternoon. One of the links was to a picture of the perfect couch!

Now if only the universe would see fit for another funeral home to tire of their lounge seating…


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