Facing My Finances

Thinking about any or all things financial gives me hives. I’ve been putting off thinking about my finances for over a year. In order to be emancipated from excess stress, it’s time to face the proverbial music. I don’t intend to dwell on how I got here, at this point, it’s irrelevant. What I am committing to is creating habits that will A) Get me out of this mess and B) Keep me out of this mess.

I have a box sitting on my desk which contains the carnage. When I get bills or collection letters they go in that box. I am trying to screw up the nerve to go through that box and type up a detailed accounting of the whole picture. I am going to attend a series hosted by the community college on personal finance by Dave Ramsey. It’s a 13-week course that starts on Feb. 15. I have started a daily expense journal. THAT habit is a hard one to incorporate. I am also forcing myself to read, “31 Days to Fix Your Finances.”

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to crack open that box on my desk, but every day I feel a little bit braver about it. I have until the 15th of February to do it. Here’s hoping I do it sooner than later. I keep telling myself, “Hard Now, Easy Later.”


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