Day 1: 40-day Yoga Challenge

Wow, can I ever procrastinate. I found perfectly legitimate reasons to put off the inaugural yoga session of a 40-day challenge until late yesterday. I was going to start on the 1st. Then I had people in town and wasn’t mentally up to the commitment quite yet. Then I was going to start on the 8th, but still didn’t feel ready. I woke up yesterday feeling ready!

But first I had a book to read; had to make a playlist; had to talk on the phone a million times; had to file some online paperwork… you get the idea. I’m not sure why I’ve been resisting. I think it’s fear of failure (i.e. quitting).

The good news is that I was able to do the prescribed routine! I’m sure I’m not as graceful as the rest of the people doing this, but it was perfect for me. I’m so relieved. It is totally doable. I will triumph!


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