Breaking the Fast…

So after 10 days of “eating” nothing but green smoothies I was VERY ready to break the fast. I felt like I was starving. I probably was, because I know I wasn’t drinking enough of the dense smoothies. Not because I don’t love them, but because I’m super lazy. I have historically been reticent to spend time in the kitchen.

I broke the fast eagerly while sorting boxes the other night. I made some cashew-based dip and chowed down on broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. It was glorious! I had to force myself to really chew and I got full super quick, but it tasted like thanksgiving.

Since breaking the fast and starting a broader all raw food diet I have more energy than I have had since I can remember. I am floored by the difference!

I have been on a straight-up American diet for most of my life. Sure, I’ve spent a few months here and there as a Vegan and I have never been a serious carnivore, but diet soda, cheese, Taco Bell and KFC have ruled my life.

Once my mother asked me if I had a drinking problem and all I could say was, “I don’t think so, but I know I have an eating problem! I have never laid in bed and wished for a whiskey, but many a night I’ve laid there wishing for a cheese sandwich!”

And really when I think about it, CHEESE and it’s dairy companions have always been my nemesis. The gals who wrote, “Skinny Bitch” explain why. It’s been awhile since I read it, but they posit that cheese is actually addictive and put forth the science to back that up.

I’m happy to report that it seems my desperate need to eat copious amounts of cheese is starting to subside.

I forced my nephew to go to yoga with me this morning. After which I chose green tea (What?! Not coffee?!) at our favorite coffee shop and then made him go grocery shopping with me.

I totally bought cheese (per my daughter’s wishes) and did NOT rip open the package and eat it all right there in the store. I even cooked bacon and eggs for the gang without the tiniest twinge of jealousy.

I threw raspberries, oranges, a lemon, flax seeds, a half-banana and a bunch of kale in the blender and made one of my favorite smoothies to date. I shared with Hannah and Kaleb (daughter and nephew, respectively) sans kale.

At any rate, this whole raw food adventure appears to be paying off in spades. The week to ten days of malaise and no energy were completely worth it. I’m so excited!


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