Today has been kinda brutal

I am on day 7 of an all green smoothie diet. I feel like I could eat a small child. I’m sure a lot of that is my willingness to go hungry vs. spending anytime in the kitchen, but last night when my niece, nephew and daughter were chowing down on pizza, I started feeling pretty, well, hungry.

I admit, I have historically detested the kitchen and I am by nature adverse to rules, so the idea that I would undertake something like ten days on an only green smoothies is downright ridiculous. But my desire to jump start this year and accomplish some pretty lofty goals won out over my desire to stuff my face day and night with crap.

The other reason today has been hard is that I know I only have tonight and tomorrow to clean this house and accomplish phase 1 of my goal to divest myself of 50-75% of all my stuff. (I have a self-imposed due date of Wednesday night to get phase 1 done.)

I f***cking hate cleaning! I honestly feel like I’m being tortured. I’m trying to going to change that for myself in part by becoming Emancipated from my Excess stuff. In order to get there by the Ides of March it is imperative I start today.

So, right after this I am going into the kitchen, I am making an energy packed smoothie, I’m going to gather sorting tools and labels and I’m going to take every damn thing that is laying out, or not in it’s exact right place and dumping it all in the living room. You will be horrified to see how much stuff that includes.

After I get that done I will take some pictures and describe my plan for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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